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Free Evaluation - Hood and Duct Cleaning

Free Evaluation – Hood and Duct Cleaning

Free Competitor Hood and Cleaning Service, servicing Seattle and the Puget Sound area, met the owner of a multi-location restaurant the day after their vender cleaned their grease exhaust hood and duct system in Edmonds, Washington. The restaurant owner was happy to know that have a “Competitor Free Evaluation” service for any restaurant owner of a commercial kitchen or restaurant to make sure that the hood and duct company has cleaned their duct system properly.

Pictures were taken of the plenum and the mouth of the vertical duct. We found areas that were completely missed and not cleaned. A large amount of grease and sludge remained which is shown in the photographs. We shared the photos with the restaurant owner and she was very upset and concerned.  Here are the photos of the hood and duct system after the competitors cleaned the restaurant system.  In our opinion and evaluation, they polished the superficial areas and failed to clean the internal duct. This internal duct is where the true fire hazard resides.

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The restaurant owner allowed us to survey her other 5 restaurants. He found areas of neglect and under-service at each location.

Why Do We Offer Competitor Free Hood and Duct Cleaning Evaluations?

Unfortunately, we see this too often.  Many hood and duct companies are not properly trained and as a result can put restaurants in danger of having a fire.  As a result of our Competitor Free Hood and Duct Cleaning Evaluation, this restaurant owner has hired to service all 6 of her restaurants.

Hire a Reputable, Certified and Trained Hood and Duct Cleaning Company have been serving commercial kitchen and restaurant owners for over 34 years in Seattle, Washington and the Puget Sound area. We are available 7-days a week, 24- hours a day for all your hood and cleaning repairs maintenance and installations. The Seattle Fire Department certifies all our technicians and we are distributors and trained by Kidde-Range GuardAnsulPyro-Chem and Amerex.

Remember, even if you feel you have hired a “reputable” hood and duct cleaning company, it is always wise to get a second opinion. It will save your restaurant, employees and customers’ lives. You as the restaurant owner will feel more secure knowing your kitchen hood and duct system are well maintained and properly cleaned.

Call today for a “Competitor Free Hood and Duct Cleaning Evaluation” at (206) 992-7126.

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