Fire Extinguisher Sales and Services

Fire Extinguisher - Hood and Duct Cleaning

Fire Extinguishers, located in Seattle, Washington, serving the Puget Sound area for over 34 years, provide businesses with the highest quality fire extinguisher sales, testing, and service.  We are licensed by the State of Washington.  All fire extinguisher services should be performed by a qualified, trained, licensed and actively certified company.  All our technicians are licensed by the Seattle Fire Department and our employees are certified and trained by AnsulPyroChemAmerex, and Kidde-Range Guard.  Feel assured that if you ever need to use a fire extinguisher that it’ll be serviced and ready for use.

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Fire extinguishers are an invaluable tool if they are immediately available and function properly in the event of a fire and help ensure you and your business is prepared and safe.  Fire extinguishers must be serviced according to the manufacturer specification. It is important to know the type, sizes, and maintenance requirements of your extinguisher operation and follow the fire codes.  We service many types and sizes of extinguishers.  We have on-hand a wide variety of ABC, K-Class, CO2, Hitron, and Halon extinguishers.  We guarantee quality in our services from installing extinguishers, recharging, hydro testing, mounting, relocating, testing, training, or parts replacement.  We deliver integrated fire protection services that not only ensure the safety of our customers’ businesses but also the people and their families who are an important part of these businesses.

Fire Extinguisher Sales and Services

It is important to know how to use a fire extinguisher before you ever need to.  Training and practice is the best way to prepare for a fire emergency. offer an on-site demonstration and training for your employees on how to use a fire extinguisher.  Safety is our top priority.

Contact, Seattle, Washington, servicing the Puget Sound area, at (206) 992-7126 for more information about our fire extinguisher sales or service or if you would like to schedule a hands-on demonstration for your employees.

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All Fire Extinguisher Sales and Services

  • Fire extinguisher sales
  • Fire extinguisher service
    • Recharging
    • Hydro Testing
    • Six-Year Breakdowns
    • Mounting
    • Relocating
    • Parts Replacement
  • Fire extinguisher testing
  • Fire extinguisher training service
  • DOT Licensed hydro test facility

The Seattle Fire Department provides, free of charge, prevention preparedness and fire emergency plans to Seattle’s business owners or building managers.

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