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Fire System Repairs, located in Seattle, Washington, serving the Puget Sound area, are ready to help with all your fire system repairs.  A kitchen fire emergency can happen at any time. Restaurants face higher risks than many other industries.  That is why it is essential that your system is always operating at optimal performance by scheduling routine inspections, testing, maintenance, and fire system repairs to protect your commercial kitchen.

Free Evaluation of Your Fire System Repairs

Failure of a suppression system in your restaurant kitchen can be devastating and very costly. On a daily basis commercial kitchens cook at high temperatures using grease and oil which creates a breeding ground for a fire emergency and will spread at an enormous rate.  It is imperative that you have a working kitchen fire system that protects your staff and restaurant patrons.

Fire System Repairs or a New Fire Suppression System

You may not be compliant with current local fire codes if you have changed your appliances, moved your appliances, added new appliances, increased the size of your cooking area or have not upgraded to UL300.  You may be in need of a new fire system that will meet the new UL300 Standards.  Restaurant owners are required to schedule all semi-annual, annual and five-year confidence tests.  When testing is found that the system is impaired, your local fire department such as  Seattle Fire DepartmentLynnwood Fire Department and Bellevue Fire Department, must be notified. is an authorized distributor and trained by Kidde-Range GuardAnsulPyro-Chem and Amerex.  All our technicians are licensed by the Seattle Fire Department in accordance with IKECA regulations.

24-Hour Emergency Kitchen Fire System Repairs

If your fire system is in need of repair, it is important to hire a professional licensed and certified fire system repair company to review your system.  At, we realize that your kitchen is being used on a constant basis throughout the day and that is why we offer 7 days a week, 24-hour emergency kitchen fire system repairs.

Whether you need commercial kitchen or restaurant fire system repairs, a new fire suppression system or a fire protection system inspection, contact, Seattle, Washington, serving the Puget Sound area, at (206) 992-7126 to schedule your emergency kitchen inspection today!

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