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Fire Moved Into the Duct System of the Restaurant

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Fire Moved Into Duct System of The Restaurant

A fire caused severe damage to the Panda Garden Restaurant in Newton, Massachusetts on October 15, 2015.  The Newton Fire Department believes the fire began in the kitchen on the grill and then the fire moved into the duct system of the restaurant.  The fire has caused extensive damage to the roof and kitchen and water damage to part of the restaurant. Unfortunately, there were other businesses that reside in the same building that sustained minor smoke damage as well.

More restaurant fires are happening every day.  When a fire happens, whether it is the restaurant that failed to be compliant or that the hood and duct cleaning company did not clean and perform correct maintenance on your system, your restaurant and employees could all be out of a job, not to mention any injuries that occur as a result of the restaurant fire.  The restaurant insurance company will want to review all documentation that you have in your possession from your hood and duct cleaning company to prove that you have been doing your due diligence in maintaining your hood and duct system maintenance.  If you do not have this documentation, the insurance company may not pay on any damage that has been done to your restaurant and other businesses that may have been affected by the fire.  These damages and costs could ultimately be your personal responsibility if found negligent.

In the Seattle area, the Seattle Fire Department has a strict System Testing Schedule that must be followed by all commercial kitchens and restaurant owners. Each fire protection system may have different test frequencies.  There are also secondary tests and certain maintenance procedures that are required to be performed periodically.  Here is a chart below to view the Seattle Fire Departments exhaust schedule:

System Type Test Frequency
Range Hood 6 Months
Automatic Sprinkler – all types Annually
Clear Agent / CO2 / Dry Chemical / Other Agent Annually
Emergency Generator Annually
Fire Alarm System Annually / Quarterly
Fire Pump Annually
Foam System Annually
Haz-Mat Emergency Alarm System Annually
Sequence Test (found on Fire Alarm Form) Annually
Smoke Control Systems Annually
Spray Booths Annually
Stairway Door Locks Annually
Standpipe – Marinas and Piers Annually
Standpipe 5 Years
Fire Escapes 5 Years

If your restaurant is in a different city of Washington, we are providing a list of the fire departments and addresses.   Washington Fire Departments

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